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Thursday, July 28th, 2005

Had an enlightening conversation with a cabbie today as we drove from new oxford st to old st. He pointed out all the CCTV cameras (and let me tell you this is a bicycle trip i do almost daily - but i’d never seen half of them..) on the route and i think we counted about 96 cameras on a single road. He noted a particular cluster at the intersection of Southampton Row and Theobalds Rd - 2 cameras for the Congestion Charge (for each traffic direction - and let’s remember the charge was increased to £8.00 per day) 1 camera for the Box Junction (£100 fine per infraction) and the rest just for your run-of-the-mill CCTV urban detection. Those camera’s earn their keep.

A previous passenger suggested a web/phone messenging service at RADAR24 which sends you the whereabouts of all traffic cameras in the vicinity when you text in your location. Pretty nifty.


The cabbie also mentioned a camera on the eastbount M11 that reportedly takes in about £1,000,000 every 6 months. And he’s got the KNOWLEDGE, so i don’t doubt him.
And yet Ken can’t find money to update the tube.

New York has a couple of websites dedicated to documenting CCTV camera locations. Some good ones are:
NYC Surveillance Camera Project
iSEE ‘now more than ever’