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Thursday, October 27th, 2005

I’d always heard that someone had built real versions of Sodaconstructor animals - but Theo Jansens Strandbeests are beyond believing. click on the film button when you go to the site and watch this one: Animaris Currens Ventosa walking.


New Ambient/Augmented Blog

Monday, October 10th, 2005

Just spent the weekend setting up a new blog for the Ambient and Augmented Environments Network. The network will host a symposium at the AA on November 24th and 25th and will have a great selection of multi-disciplinary speakers coming to show work. Keep an eye out for the poster (and i’ll update this site when we have the full confirmed list of speakers).

Ambient and Augmented Environments

Saturday, August 6th, 2005

The Hospital Club was the venue for our latest meetup with the Ambient and Augmented Environments Network on Weds 3 Aug. For a writeup of the meeting go to Brett’s site at Resarch (don’t want to duplicate a posting…).

One of the many highlights came when Massimo Banzi showed us his magic box of technological gadgetry.


The groovy £4 clickwheel - a MUCH cheaper and just as effective version of the apple clickwheel.

It was a great meeting of minds and ideas from a fairly wide range of disciplines - which led to understanding why you’ll never hear a ghecko clap (from Julian Vincent @ University of Bath) to learning about new advances in printing a building out of concrete (from Lawrence Friesen at Buro Happold).

In attendance were:
Brett Steele
Tom Barker
Julian Vincent
Stuart Veech
Nick Puckett
Lawrence Friesen
Sally Haworth
Barbara Ghella
Simone Muscolino
Massimo Banzi
Natasha Sandmeier
Mark Garcia