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China everywhere you look

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Travelling down oxford street yesterday I counted 7 buses (including my own) with full rear surface advertisements for China, and China 2008 / London 2012 banners running down the length of the street. Selfridges west corner window looks like my handbag exploded in there - with top to bottom chinese paraphernalia and do-dads, and now everwhere I look I’m finding more and more references china china china beijing shanghai. Last month you couldn’t excape ads for Dubai - this month China.

The beauty of the Super Bowl

Monday, February 13th, 2006

Now the only things i ever really liked about the Superbowl were 1. betting, 2. cornbread, and 3. guacomole. Sadly the only other category of superbowl likes that i miss living in the UK are the adverts (you can tell that i don’t really watch it for the football). Found this linked via Airbag - it’s the FED EX advert that ran during the game. hilarious.

fed ex ad