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AA Diploma 9

Friday, January 18th, 2008

I just checked my awstats and realized I’m still getting quite a lot of visitors over here at Fromform - sorry about that - have kind of forgotten about the site. But if you’re visiting and want to look at some images, go check out my students’ work over at the new unit site. Am no longer teaching Inter 3 (although the site is still up at and am now teaching Diploma 9.

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aa summer architecture school

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

AA SUMMER ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL website now online. This year’s agenda: Recipes for a Fast-Forward Future. The program runs from 17 July - 4 Aug 2006 - applications are online.

Summer School Grand Finale

Saturday, August 6th, 2005

And another AA Summer School drew to a close on August 5, 2005 with an extravaganza of work and production. Was a great final event and review. Pics will be online soon at the Summer School website - until then, here are a few.





double d

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Just received a bucketload of pictures from Simone Muscolino (from the Ivrea possy). He was using his newish Nikon D70 (boy do i have camera envy - that thing is AMAZING). Amazing the difference between an SLR and regular point&shoot digicam - after fooling around with the camera for a couple hours yesterday - i’ve rediscovered depth of field (something i’d sadly forgotten about using a camera for the masses the past few years)
here are a few of his lovlies… (today is clearly upload-picture-day)
the double d’s.

simone titled this image e1-nerds - that about says it all.

the penguin cooling off after his escape from the zoo.

Quickspace / Slowtime AA Summer School 2005

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

I was inspired yesterday by Simone’s and the rest of the Ivrea gang’s immediate online-ification of their entire summer school unit (after only 1 week) - so will be trying to post on fromForm a bit more often. They’re starting to post all student work and tutorials online and are also keeping a log of the 3 weeks over here.

Thought i’d upload a few pics from yesterday - we had our first Cross-Section Event where students from all 6 units in the Summer School presented the work to date. Some fantastic projects, models, photography, videos, and twisted thinking.

2 students from Unit 1(with tutors Lawrence BH Ler and Therese Shu Z. Lee) presenting the work of the unit.
unit 1.jpg

The team from unit 2 (tutors Jan Kattein, Zoe Quick, Chrysanthe Staikopoulou)
unit 2b.jpg

unit 2a.jpg
image of a book/film from one of the teams as they recorded the speed of their site with polaroids along a 90m strip.

Discussion amongst unit 3 (tutors Sue Barr annd Takako Hasegawa)
unit 3.jpg

Some of the ____ Ben’s from unit 4 (tutors Sam Jacob, Sean Topham, Tomas Klassnik, Shelagh Wright, Charlie Tims)
unit 4.jpg

Massimo from unit 5 asking a question at the presentations (tutors Massimo Santanicchia and Pepa Mendoza)
unit 5.jpg

work on the wall from unit 6 (tutors Massimo Banzi, Line Ulrika Christiansen, Elio Caccavale, Tal Drori, Stefano Mirti, Simone Muscolino)
unit 6.jpg

Film Workshop

Thursday, January 27th, 2005

The Film Workshop led by Danyael Sugawara closed yesterday with a screening of the 10 shorts made by 36 students. The films were truly inspired and I’ll try to have them streaming on the Inter 3 website at some point soon. We’ll set up another screening sometime soon @ AA with the final fully-assembled version of all 10 films.


Danyael Sugawara Film Workshop

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

From Jan 22-26 Danyael Sugawara, Director of The Quiet One, is teaching a Film Workshop with students from Intermediate Units 3 + 9 and the AA’s Visiting Students. 36 students are creating 10 films to be screened on Wednesday evening in the Soft Room at the Architectural Association at 6:30pm.


AA Summer School 2005

Monday, January 17th, 2005

The AA Summer School 2005 website is now ONLINE. This year’s theme is Quickspace Slowtime.