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Paint and Robots

Friday, July 29th, 2005

My cousin David was in town recently on summer break from his studies at the Hochschule fur Gestaltung und Kunst in Zurich. He put me on to these sites - f18institute - they’re the people who built the Stelarc spider robot and have some pretty insane projects, and
Hektor - a groovy swiss group - have designed a digi-input graffiti kit that fits in a single small suitcase and consists of a spray can holder, 2 motors, some belts and cables, a battery, circuit board and laptop. They started graffiti-ing simple text and have since elaborated the fonts, played with multiple-colour output and moved on to oulined versions of william morris prints. They more recently introduced Rita - who draws, erases, and redraws with whiteboard markers…what will they think of next.

The modern city

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

Had an enlightening conversation with a cabbie today as we drove from new oxford st to old st. He pointed out all the CCTV cameras (and let me tell you this is a bicycle trip i do almost daily - but i’d never seen half of them..) on the route and i think we counted about 96 cameras on a single road. He noted a particular cluster at the intersection of Southampton Row and Theobalds Rd - 2 cameras for the Congestion Charge (for each traffic direction - and let’s remember the charge was increased to £8.00 per day) 1 camera for the Box Junction (£100 fine per infraction) and the rest just for your run-of-the-mill CCTV urban detection. Those camera’s earn their keep.

A previous passenger suggested a web/phone messenging service at RADAR24 which sends you the whereabouts of all traffic cameras in the vicinity when you text in your location. Pretty nifty.


The cabbie also mentioned a camera on the eastbount M11 that reportedly takes in about £1,000,000 every 6 months. And he’s got the KNOWLEDGE, so i don’t doubt him.
And yet Ken can’t find money to update the tube.

New York has a couple of websites dedicated to documenting CCTV camera locations. Some good ones are:
NYC Surveillance Camera Project
iSEE ‘now more than ever’

double d

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Just received a bucketload of pictures from Simone Muscolino (from the Ivrea possy). He was using his newish Nikon D70 (boy do i have camera envy - that thing is AMAZING). Amazing the difference between an SLR and regular point&shoot digicam - after fooling around with the camera for a couple hours yesterday - i’ve rediscovered depth of field (something i’d sadly forgotten about using a camera for the masses the past few years)
here are a few of his lovlies… (today is clearly upload-picture-day)
the double d’s.

simone titled this image e1-nerds - that about says it all.

the penguin cooling off after his escape from the zoo.

Quickspace / Slowtime AA Summer School 2005

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

I was inspired yesterday by Simone’s and the rest of the Ivrea gang’s immediate online-ification of their entire summer school unit (after only 1 week) - so will be trying to post on fromForm a bit more often. They’re starting to post all student work and tutorials online and are also keeping a log of the 3 weeks over here.

Thought i’d upload a few pics from yesterday - we had our first Cross-Section Event where students from all 6 units in the Summer School presented the work to date. Some fantastic projects, models, photography, videos, and twisted thinking.

2 students from Unit 1(with tutors Lawrence BH Ler and Therese Shu Z. Lee) presenting the work of the unit.
unit 1.jpg

The team from unit 2 (tutors Jan Kattein, Zoe Quick, Chrysanthe Staikopoulou)
unit 2b.jpg

unit 2a.jpg
image of a book/film from one of the teams as they recorded the speed of their site with polaroids along a 90m strip.

Discussion amongst unit 3 (tutors Sue Barr annd Takako Hasegawa)
unit 3.jpg

Some of the ____ Ben’s from unit 4 (tutors Sam Jacob, Sean Topham, Tomas Klassnik, Shelagh Wright, Charlie Tims)
unit 4.jpg

Massimo from unit 5 asking a question at the presentations (tutors Massimo Santanicchia and Pepa Mendoza)
unit 5.jpg

work on the wall from unit 6 (tutors Massimo Banzi, Line Ulrika Christiansen, Elio Caccavale, Tal Drori, Stefano Mirti, Simone Muscolino)
unit 6.jpg

google earth

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

stop what you’re doing and go to google earth, download the software and find your house on the planet. it’s amazing. not only do you get EXTREMELY crisp satellite images - but you can zoom in from outerspace onto your rooftop (i found out that above this false ceiling over my head, i actually have 4 ultra-big skylights on the roof). You can also use it as a routeplanner and have it map out a trip. I only started playing with it about 2 minutes ago, but as you click the buttons and slide the sliders, you might actually jump in your seat because it just so great. enjoy.


Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

I’ve just re-re-rediscovered a little postcard i was given a few months ago because it has an image of the Seattle Public Library photographed by Frank van der Salm. I’d never seen his work before, but just spent some time at his website and those of the galleries that represent him (MKgalerie in Rotterdam and Jan Kesner Gallery in Los Angeles). With many images he plays with depth of field to throw the whole composition of balance - and makes gigantic buildings and infrastructures appear as if made of card. I wanted to link to a few of my favorites, but there are so many it would become tedious. go look.