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Sunday, November 20th, 2005 is basically another black hole of free time. Like Google Earth you’ll end up spending hours playing with the site - tracking new, existing, ugly, and enormous towers around the world. The site is incredibly comprehensive and allows you to sort by city, country, date of completion, size, architect, etc.

Surface Intelligence Symposium Announcement

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

I wanted to announce this symposium at the AA that I’ve been organizing with Brett and Tom B - it’ll be a great event. It’s an open event - no tickets required - so please join us.


A Two-Day International Design Symposium at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London 24 & 25 November 2005

A defining feature of the contemporary city is the prevailing role of surface technologies in the design, form, construction, and performance of architectural spaces and their structures. A growing number of media and information networks are combining with increasingly-interconnected communication technologies and distributed design systems to create the conditions for entirely new kinds of intelligent, augmented, built environments. Today’s proliferation of new network-based technologies is blurring the boundaries between architectural hardware and software; between architectural surfaces and an ambient world of information and exchange.

‘Surface Intelligence’ is a two-day international symposium at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, hosted by the Ambient and Augmented Environments Network supported by the EPSRC Culture Fund. Organised by Professor Tom Barker at the RCA and Brett Steele, Director of the Architectural Association, the two days will feature presentations and discussions by architects, engineers, interaction and media artists whose work is exploring the limits of today’s surface intelligence, and their underlying technologies, networks, and consequences.

Presentation & Discussion Schedule

THURSDAY 24 November

10:15 JASON BRUGES ‘Recent Work’, Lighting Designer London
11:00 CHIAFANG WU & STEPHEN ROE ‘From Object to Atmosphere’, Architects London
11:45 MARIE O’MAHONY ‘Cyborg: The Man Machine’ Technology Curator & Author London

2:00 TOM BARKER ‘From a Fly’s Eye to a TV Station’, Smartslab Designer & Technologist London
2:45 TERESA HOSKYNS, ‘Embedded Politics, Lecturer & Theorist London
3:30 STEFANO MIRTI , ‘Form Follows Fiction’, Architect IVREA Institute Milan

6:30 CHRISTIAN MOELLER ‘A Time and Place’, Media Artist Los Angeles

FRIDAY 25 November

10:15 CRISPIN JONES ‘Narrative Interfaces’, Product / Interaction Designer London
11:00 SOPHIE LE BOURVA ‘TBC’, Engineer London
11:45 STUART VEECH ‘Form Follows Materials’ Architect Vienna

2:00 MARTA MALE-ALEMANY ‘Beyond Form’, Architect Barcelona
2:45 BRETT STEELE ‘Learning Networks’, Director AA School London
3:30 STEFAN DOEPNER ‘Simulation Simply Doesn’t Count’ Interface Designer Ljubljana / Hamburg

6:30 CHUCK HOBERMAN ‘Transformability’ Inventor New York

More Maeda

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

John Maeda is now designing skateboards.

Information Aesthetics

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

This one should probably have gone into my post a few days ago on computation and network diagrams but i’d completely forgotten about it until i saw it linked on kottke’s blog. Blog/website called Information Aesthetics has some beautiful references - particularly one linking to Aaron Koblin who’s generated a series of visualizations of FAA data of flights travelling over the US - he used processing…of course.


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

This competition was announced in September but there’s still plenty of time before the dealine on 05 Jan. An ideas competition to explore the skyscraper, it’s open to students and architects who wish to redefine vertical density. No word yet on the jury.