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Search Softwares - TouchGraph and Clusty

I just recently stumbled on TouchGraph who have developed a little applet that generates a graphic output of results from a Google search. It lets you see through a set of visual links how sites are related to you via the google search output. In theory this should let you search through your results more efficiently as you discard those that are clearly irrelevant. But I was fascinated by the links the diagram was generating and clicked through just about all of them to see what they were. Not a timesaver, but interesting.


Musicplasma works along the same principle and graphically relates music artists through info gathered from Amazon’s purchase data (ie, people who bought this cd also bought these….).

For a more efficient browser try Vivissimo’s Clusty which sorts through your search and ‘clusters’ them into groups of related links. Bad graphics but good sorting.

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