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Shuffle it

As though it were an out of body experience I found myself walking into the ginormous Apple store on Regent Street today. It was just like the ones we saw in LA - packed with people intent on buying something white and pretty. I found myself in the queue about 3 minutes later with ipod socks (I mean, really - who needs them?!) in hand along with the new ipod shuffle and the little sportcase for the shuffle in case I ever make it over to the gym and become a member. Totally frivolous but it’s so much fun! it’s amazingly light, sounds like it’s big brother (or sister?), still carries more music than you can listen to in a single sitting. Our household now has a 1st and 2nd generation ipod, an ipod mini, and now the shuffle. The household consists of 2 humans + 1 dog so really, 4 ipods should be enough, don’t you think?


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