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Shoe designers go the extra mile

Marloes ten Bhoemer is the designer of a new range of shoes that

escape their archetypical form and function, but they still communicate what they are. The shoes brake [sic] down the traditional meaning of forms by introducing materials and ways of construction that are unfamiliar to shoe-design. By designing objects that do not instantly reveal their function or meaning, design is liberated and made less generic.

They are WILD. (thanks shumon)

More shoe news: For those of you who are uninitiated into the world of United Nude, they are the bomb. The first series was wildly uncomfortable but beautiful (beauty is pain, dahling) but since the launch of the second series with a softer range of leathers and other textiles, not only are the shoes comfortable enough to walk across town in (i have) but they add just the right amount of je ne sais quoi. What more does one want from a shoe? (I just counted and realised I have 5 pairs - can we say obsessed?) I first saw them when they were mere wax prototypes and now you can buy them in Harvey Nichols…..

UNITED NUDE (UN) is a new company co-founded by a Dutch architect (Rem D Koolhaas) and an English shoemaker (Galahad JD Clark). UN operates more as a design company than a fashion house, creating specific projects rather than broad seasonal ranges. The name UNITED NUDE (UN) represents the philosophy of the brand. The products evolve in projects from international teams (=united) in an open way with direct recognition (=nude). Through these collaborations, UN seeks out the essence in every project naturally arriving at an honest and naked minimalism in all products.

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