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Technology or Sport?

This is so funny, I just had to post it. Reading the New York Times this morning I found a bizarre article about a new form of Polo. Traditional polo is of course played while riding a horse. Little did i know that there exists also Elephant Polo (you guessed it, riding an elephant) and now Segway Polo.

WHEN Alex Ko and his companions took up polo, they made some subtle changes to the sport once enjoyed by ancient Mongol warriors, who are said to have played with the severed heads of their enemies.

Mr. Ko and his friends opted for a 6-inch-diameter Nerf ball.

And instead of horses, they chose to ride Segways, the self-balancing transportation devices first developed as a short-distance alternative to the automobile.

“It’s similar to real polo,” Mr. Ko said, “but without the manure.”

Then again the article was published on April 1st so could be it’s all a fool’s game.

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