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Hiatus no longer

Many apologies for the extremely long break between postings. As some of you may know it’s been pretty busy around here – but hopefully things settle into place fairly soon. Just wanted to post a reminder regarding end of year shows here in London. The AA’s will open July 9 – so come to 36 bedford square at 6:00 to load up on drawings, models, images, films, champagne and strawberries.

Before that, the Royal College of Art is opening their end of year 2005 Show 2 (show 1 just finished last week). I was involved in designing the installation for the IDE (industrial design engineering) with 3 students from the program. Plan on a visit, the work is great - open from 24june - 3july.

Central St Martins degree shows also run throughout june, so click here for full details and locations.

If you want to be outside, go to Hampstead Heath to see Giancarlo Neri’s The Writer at the bottom of Parliament Hill. Apparently it’s a ‘monument to the loneliness of writing’. If you’re lucky a nimble climber will scale the chair as happened when we went. when asked how he’d get down, he replied ‘uh, i hadn’t really thought that far ahead…’ click here for pic of table + chair.

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