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Quickspace / Slowtime AA Summer School 2005

I was inspired yesterday by Simone’s and the rest of the Ivrea gang’s immediate online-ification of their entire summer school unit (after only 1 week) - so will be trying to post on fromForm a bit more often. They’re starting to post all student work and tutorials online and are also keeping a log of the 3 weeks over here.

Thought i’d upload a few pics from yesterday - we had our first Cross-Section Event where students from all 6 units in the Summer School presented the work to date. Some fantastic projects, models, photography, videos, and twisted thinking.

2 students from Unit 1(with tutors Lawrence BH Ler and Therese Shu Z. Lee) presenting the work of the unit.
unit 1.jpg

The team from unit 2 (tutors Jan Kattein, Zoe Quick, Chrysanthe Staikopoulou)
unit 2b.jpg

unit 2a.jpg
image of a book/film from one of the teams as they recorded the speed of their site with polaroids along a 90m strip.

Discussion amongst unit 3 (tutors Sue Barr annd Takako Hasegawa)
unit 3.jpg

Some of the ____ Ben’s from unit 4 (tutors Sam Jacob, Sean Topham, Tomas Klassnik, Shelagh Wright, Charlie Tims)
unit 4.jpg

Massimo from unit 5 asking a question at the presentations (tutors Massimo Santanicchia and Pepa Mendoza)
unit 5.jpg

work on the wall from unit 6 (tutors Massimo Banzi, Line Ulrika Christiansen, Elio Caccavale, Tal Drori, Stefano Mirti, Simone Muscolino)
unit 6.jpg

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