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Ambient and Augmented Environments

The Hospital Club was the venue for our latest meetup with the Ambient and Augmented Environments Network on Weds 3 Aug. For a writeup of the meeting go to Brett’s site at Resarch (don’t want to duplicate a posting…).

One of the many highlights came when Massimo Banzi showed us his magic box of technological gadgetry.


The groovy £4 clickwheel - a MUCH cheaper and just as effective version of the apple clickwheel.

It was a great meeting of minds and ideas from a fairly wide range of disciplines - which led to understanding why you’ll never hear a ghecko clap (from Julian Vincent @ University of Bath) to learning about new advances in printing a building out of concrete (from Lawrence Friesen at Buro Happold).

In attendance were:
Brett Steele
Tom Barker
Julian Vincent
Stuart Veech
Nick Puckett
Lawrence Friesen
Sally Haworth
Barbara Ghella
Simone Muscolino
Massimo Banzi
Natasha Sandmeier
Mark Garcia

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