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No, the iBOT isn’t a new ipod model. It’s probably the most amazing piece of technology i’ve seen in a while. Zak and I were walking through Hyde Park today and saw a man walking in one of these:

ibot pic.jpg

It’s the Independence iBOT 4000 Mobility System - a new(ish) powered wheelchair that can climb stairs and allow its users to have conversations at eye-level. I tell you, it was amazing.

“The iBOT™ Mobility System contains patented iBALANCE™ Technology, an integrated combination of sensor and software components and multiple computers that work in conjunction with gyroscopes. Gyroscopes are motion sensors that help maintain balance. When the gyroscopes sense movement, a signal is sent to the computers. The computers process the information and tell the motors how to move the wheels to maintain stability. This electronic balance system is custom-programmed to the user’s center of gravity, to monitor and respond to subtle changes in motion. Reach forward to shake hands, and your iBOT™ Mobility System moves with you. Lean back and it moves away as well. The iBOT™ Mobility System constantly realigns and adjusts its wheel position and seat orientation to keep the user upright and stable at all times, even when driving up and down curbs or inclines. In addition, the iBOT™ includes built-in triple redundant backup systems, as well as auditory and visual signals to provide even more safety and assurance.”

What a great invention.

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